Thank you for your interest in having Jeffery perform live in your home. House concerts have been happening for many years around the globe and they’re a great way to experience an artist and his music. These events draw music lovers & new friends together for a memorable evening and hearing Jeffery perform live at the piano in an intimate setting like this will be a treat for you and your guests. He’s done house concerts all across Canada and looks forward to keeping these shows going from coast to coast to coast.

Here’s how house concerts work (some common questions/answers):

You Need:

  • A space in your home large enough to accommodate at least 25 guests, Jeffery and his digital piano
  • 25+ friends, coworkers or family who’d love to take in a concert where they meet the musician and new people
Where does Jeffery do these shows?
When does Jeffery do these shows?
What does the host have to do?
Where do the guests sit?
Do I need a stage or sound system?
What is a good time to start?
Do guests need to bring anything?
What does the audience do during a House Concert?
Who should I invite?
Will CD's be available for guests who discover Jeffery's work?
What is the cost to host a concert?
What if some people don't show up?